Grand Hotel Traian - Iaşi, 700056, România

Traian Restaurant

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TRAÍAN Restaurant, with its Classic Room, White Room and Cocktail Bar invites you to an endless celebration of senses.

The aristocratic atmosphere, the warm light of chandeliers accompanied by the sweet piano sound, makes our distinguished guests enjoy our exquisite cuisine.

The refined and consistent menu combines the specific Romanian cuisine with the taste of the international one.

A relaxing drink at the end of a long and full day, a successful meeting or a glass of champagne, as a preamble to a royal evening, confirms that the Cocktail Bar is the heart of our hotel.

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Grand Hotel Traian
Piaţa Unirii, nr. 1
Iaşi, 700056, România
Call: Phone: +40 232 266 666
FAX: +40 232 212 187


Grand Hotel Traian

Traian Grand Hotel welcomes you with its unique glamor given the perfect combination of contemporary comfort and endless elegance...