1882 - Back in 1882, Gustave Eiffel, the "master of engineering", was finishing the last details of an architectural masterpiece. Not in Paris or Vienna, nor Saigon or the United States, but here in Iasi, on Romanian land, one of centers that gathered the knowledge and forces of the whole country. 

Two years before Gustave Eiffel became famous for the Statue of Liberty, the American symbol, and seven years before erecting the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the master from Cote d?Or gave birth to a neoclassical masterpiece here in Iasi, Unirii Square: TRAÍAN Grand Hotel.
Starting with the beginning of the 19th Century, TRAÍAN Grand Hotel was a silent witness to the national history, hosting its major events, which contributed to the shape of its own history:

1884 - the 21st Celebration of Junimea Literary Society.

1884 - the 100th Celebration of Horia Revolt, with the participation of Mihai Eminescu and Ion Creangã.

1918 - during World War 1 - the headquarters of the Romanian Government.

1934 - hosting the movie star Greta Garbo.

1980 - hosting the representative team of Romania, leaded by I. Paun, on the way of the Olympic Flame to 

2006 - an investment of over 4 million Euro, the passion, dedication, and the strict observation of the Law on Historical Monuments Preservation, make TRAÍAN Grand Hotel a 4**** hotel, "the host of so many important figures".
Princes, kings and princesses, ambassadors, ministers and state presidents, people of arts, pilgrims in quest for spirituality, or businessmen always on road, they all lived one day of their own story right here, in the old hotel, "symbol of the French-Romanian cultural community, made famous by Eiffel himself".
Glamorous, elegant and with a privileged location downtown, TRAÍAN Grand Hotel is, together with the Palace of Culture, "Vasile Alecsandri" Theatre and the Metropolitan Church, a symbol of Iasi City.