At the Grand Hotel Traian, the meal is a real trip around the world.

Whether it’s a lunch between friends or a dinner with your loved one, Traian Restaurant, decorated in warm and discreet tones, awaits you in a relaxing atmosphere.

In the traditional culture of the Moldovans, the hospitality reflects the good intentions of entering and maintaining close relations with those who come across.


The welcome of the guests is an important ritual performed with sanctity by the members of the Grand Hotel Traian family.

From the simplest and tastiest recipes, to the most sophisticated national and international specialties, prepared with great skill by our master chefs, each proposal is a culinary delight.

Grand Hotel Traian has the Traian Restaurant which also includes the “White Hall“, “Eminescu Ballroom” (rooms arranged for organizing events such as weddings, christenings, festive meals, etc.), Grand Pub (bar arranged in English style) and Grand Bistro, restaurant with Romanian specific dishes and pizzeria.